Time to move? More like time to be overwhelmed! There are so many things to do to get ready, and that makes organization an absolute must. Without it, you’re certainly going to miss something, and one of the best ways to do that is to build a moving notebook. Wondering what should be inside? Take a look:

What should be inside my Moving Notebook?

-A Task List: The first thing your moving notebook should have in it is your task list. This shouldn’t be an ordinary to-do list, though. Be sure to include the dates by which each task must be completed. Include all of the most important events such as closing on the new home, closing on the old home, hiring the removal company, giving everyone your new address, enrolling kids in new schools, packing, and so on.

-Contracts and Agreements: You’ll also want to include any contracts or agreements that you sign. This would include the contract for your new home, the removal company agreement, and any other contracts or agreements that are pertaining to your move. Likely, you will need to have easy access to these documents for various reasons. If they are stored away safely in your notebook, you will know exactly where to retrieve them from and they will not mistakenly get packed away in one of your boxes.

-Contacts: Something else that you will want to keep in your notebook is a list of any and all contacts that have anything to do with your move. This list will include people such as your realtor, your removal company, utility companies, and anyone else who you may need to contact multiple times during the course of your move.

-Moving Boxes Contents: Finally, your notebook should contain lists of what you have packed away in the boxes. As you pack your boxes, you should number each box. Then, fill out a piece of paper with the number of the box and what you have placed in the box. Place each box’s corresponding paper in the notebook. Then, when you arrive at your new home, you can easily determine what order you need to unpack your boxes.

Your moving notebook, then, will be something that you want to keep on you at all times throughout the duration of the move. It’s the one essential you should refer to again and again until you get settled in your new home!

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