Moving house? Upping sticks? Only two small words, but the meaning they hold is literally enough to change your world. It’s a simple enough concept of going from Destination A to B, but is actually comprised of several different processes that can be jarring: finding the right country or city, finding the dream house (okay, well, you compromised but not too much), and then having to worry about getting you, your belongings, and (perhaps) the rest of your family over there. Take deep breaths, don’t stress, and read below.

Take the time off work

Trust on this one. No one relishes the eight hour work day when you spent the previous night frantically trying to get your new place set up with all the essentials. Your work clothes? In the suitcase in the back, obviously. The toaster? Cleverly not in the box labelled ‘kitchen stuff’. Your sanity? Leaving.


One great thing about moving is your increased ability to philosophize on the necessity of your life possessions. You don’t have to hold onto every little thing you own now and take it all with you: it’s a good opportunity to streamline everything down. Equally though, don’t go all the other way to think you only need the bare necessitates in life, and then severely regret the chilly nights in bed in your new flat when you left behind your electric blanket. But the fact is, moving makes you think more deeply about what you have and its importance to you; you’ll probably feel more Zen about parting from your childhood sticker book collection when you realise you have to carry it to the opposite side of the country.

We Want You! Recruitment

Are you popular? Do you have a great smile? Well, now’s to time to put it to use, since you’re going to want all those good, good friends to come along and help you out. Many hands make light work, right? Whether it’s for packing, heavy lifting, or even just holding your hand, as long as there’s someone else to do it, it means something less for you to do.

Alternatively if they all decide to come down with illness (or just aren’t as great friends as you thought) at this crucial point in your life, professional home removal services are at hand and are probably ten times more efficient anyway. And could quite possibly be the new friends you’re looking for.


You’d be surprised by the large amount of people who care where you live. Friends and family who’re going to be visiting will obviously be on your mind, but things like doctor’s, dentist’s, your post, your TV license, the electoral register…! The list doesn’t end. You’ll probably be very familiar with your new house’s address before very long.

New Friends

You are going to have lots of new friends after this process is done, and what’s more you’ll probably become close phone buddies too. Keep on your mobile the numbers of your solicitor, the estate agent, the home removal company, and even the number for a plumber or electrician. You never know when the need may arise.

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