How can I mitigate the stress of moving house?

Moving house, according to Worldwide ERC, falls in at as the third most stressful experience in life following death and divorce. By definition, moving is a concept that only requires relocating yourself from one location to another. But when examined more deeply, moving proves to be comprised of many different processes that have to be carefully arranged and choreographed altogether in order to be carried out successfully.

So why do we continue to do it? Most of the time, moving house is a strange but not unwelcome combination of necessity, opportunity and desire, and often marks an exciting period of change. People move for a new job, for a new country, for their family, or even just because they can (to live in a nicer house or apartment, hopefully). But the Worldwide ERC isn’t incorrect: relocating is a taxing business. So keep the blood pressure low, take deep breaths, and keep a level head: you can move and manage that stress level at the same time.

Set the Bar Lower

You shouldn’t aim to pack and unpack everything within a small timeframe. Giving yourself two to three days to gather together all your possessions collected over a lifetime and then to reposition them pleasingly in your new abode is asking just for trouble. Rather, the night before the move, pack an overnight bag to allow yourself easy access to anything you’ll need immediately within the next day: spare clothes, a change of underwear, a toothbrush, and all your chargers. Even the ones you don’t think you’ll need – electronical devices with a small battery life and no charger aren’t the best combination.

You Come First

And not in a ‘pamper and treasure yourself’ way (though of course, you should anyway). Got small children or pets in the moving mix? Sort yourself out first, and then involve your children in the packing process to let them understand the positives of moving and that their belongings haven’t just disappeared. Pack their essentials last and in a clearly marked bag – you don’t want to have run around searching for the dog food or a favourite toy among an unlabelled cardboard box jungle.

Get the Professionals in

Moving is stressful, and there is no way to completely escape that. That being said, you can make it a lot easier on yourself by getting some professional help. Research the best option for you and look at various niche movers for the best quote; for example those living in London could find A Man with a Van London at from us useful. If moving abroad then hiring international movers can be a big stress reliever instead of worrying over shipping rates.

Fuel Up

That doesn’t just mean the car, that includes you too. Be smart about food on the day of moving; if you eat well your mood and temperament will be better too. Pack portable lunches for the children if travelling for a long time, and be sure to take along some takeaway menus from your new local area too – don’t worry about cooking dinner on the very first night of moving in. Just sit back, enjoy the pizza, and look forward to tomorrow morning as a new start in your new home.

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