Let a man with a van London do all the heavy lifting

Picture the situation: you are strolling casually through the market, genially admiring the wares and enjoying the sunshine. The air is fresh, there is nowhere particular to be, and you are simply window shopping for the sake of it, with no grocery list that has to be fulfilled. Until your eye, just drifting from stall to stall, suddenly lands on it. It. For now, for conversation’s sake, we’ll say it’s a grand piano worthy of any connoisseur’s dream. It sits so innocently and beguilingly at the tiny shop entrance. Entranced, you make your way over, and when face to face with it, your memories of past music lessons play in your mind. You can picture yourself sitting on the stool in front, fingers dancing elegantly over the black and white keys, the way the burnished top will shine magnificently with the living room chandelier casting a glow upon it, and the admiring stares it’ll draw from you friends. Like in a dream, you make your way over to the owner and feverishly demand to have it. Money is exchanged, pleasant conversation had, and you are left staring lovingly at your newest treasure. Until the next thought occurs: how are you going to get this home?

It’s not quite the sensation of cold water being dumped over you, but the alarm bells do start to ring in the back of your head. A little more consciously and urgently than before, you stride over back to the owner and ask if they have a delivery service. A solemn shake of the head. Self-service seems to be the name of the game. What are you going to do now? In such a central area, you don’t own a car – and even if you did you certainly wouldn’t own one big or strong enough to transport a whole piano, let alone the accompanying stool. With enough friends, you could have the manpower to shift it into a vehicle – but no one you know would have a van or truck at their disposal. You gaze forlornly at the piano. Do you really have to part, so soon after meeting?

Luckily… no. At least not if you make use of home removal services such as A Man with a Van London. As they don’t limit themselves to just home or office removals, they can also take care of single item removals as there is no minimum size order that allows you to use this service when in need of some strong arms and wheels that you don’t necessarily possess. The grand piano – or perhaps in your case an antique wardrobe, or must-have 110 inch television instead – presents no problem to a flexible professional team and vehicle. You can have the piano playing sessions and admiring stares of your friends that you always wanted, and you can even impress your nearest and dearest by boasting you moved it back home all by yourself. And you did. No need to mention the removal company’s technical part in the endeavour…

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