What should I be aware of when moving Tupperware?

Think about Tupperware: those useful little boxes that store food for another day (or maybe even a few hours later, no judgement). Ingenious, no? Simple and straightforward, all you have to do is place the food or whatnot into the box and seal it with the corresponding lid. But wait… the lid you’re holding isn’t the right one. And this box… you could probably use another smaller one. So you venture bravely into the cupboard, searching for the right match… and emerge what seems half an hour later, to see your floor littered with Tupperware of all shapes and sizes with nary a lid in sight. Frustration abound. You swear allegiance to Clingfilm instead.

Now, think about moving. At its basis, it’s a simple process that means you go from A to B… right? Sadly, the fact is moving itself is made of many processes which create many factors to consider; even after having decided on the right location and having found the perfect house/apartment/friends to freeload off, you’ll have to pick and choose which of your life possessions to pack and transport over with you to your destination. You’ll have to get your things together in the appropriate state to be able to move them, find the right transportation to move them, have enough upper body strength to lift that beautiful walnut desk you couldn’t live without to the van… The very thought is enough to make you feel tired.

Much like the Tupperware situation magnified, you may find you end up spending more time pondering on the exact how’s and where’s of packing, instead of actually being able to do it. You may find yourself in a similar state of where you’re sitting on the floor with everything scattered around you, in a peculiar mood of mixed rage and despair. Packing all the things you’ve accumulated over the years is much harder than stowing away last night’s dinner, but it can herald the same feeling of inability and impotent anger that stems from the difficulty of the task. An unpleasant job that requires both organisation and staying-power, you will be faced with questions you might not have expected to have to ask. What is best way to wrap up a grand piano for transportation? Are all those hardback books in a single cardboard box a good idea? How about your great-grandmother’s best china collection?

So what is the solution, apart from coercing your loved ones into unpaid manual labour? This is where house removal services like us step in, taking over the laborious process of moving to make it as painless and effortless as it first appears to be. Endowed with a packing service, they can gather your possessions neatly and quickly, wrap them carefully, and transport them over to your new abode where they can even unpack them at your direction to exactly where you want it to be. Hiring a professional service isn’t as daunting as it sounds, due to its competitive pricing and ease of enquiry. Just don’t expect the Tupperware trouble to solve itself as easily.

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