How can I make the sale quicker so I can move?

Before you can buy that new home you’re considering, you must first sell the house you are currently living in. Selling a house is not necessarily easy, but if you follow these simple steps, your home just may sell faster than average.

  • Declutter your rooms and your counters. Go through each room in your house and determine what the most necessary items are that you absolutely must have around. Then, get rid of everything else by selling it, giving it away, trashing it or packing it away to go to storage until you get into your new home. You might consider having your moving company move your boxes to storage for you because there is plenty more prep work to keep you busy.
  • De-personalize your home. Take down your photos and anything else that make the house ‘your home,’ pack them away and have your movers take them to storage with the boxes you packed while decluttering. Once you do, potential buyers will be able to envision their pictures on the walls.
  • Give the rooms a fresh coat of paint. With clutter out of the way and pictures off the wall, you can give all the walls a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to use neutral colors. That way potential buyers are not put off by crazy colors, but instead are invited to imagine their own furniture in each room.
  • Plant flowers or colorful plants out front. In order to draw potential buyers in, you want to catch their attention right away. If you have good curb appeal, you may be able to get them to the front step faster.
  • Bring in the light. Replace your old light bulbs and clean all the windows so that your home appears bright to potential buyers.

The faster you sell that house, the faster you can move forward with your life. Once the home is finally sold, we’ll help you when you’re ready to move. Just give us a call right away!

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