As man and van movers for the past 6 years, in every house move whether within London or moving to another UK town we always find some items bulky, others heavy and difficult to manoeuvre  and those moves require skill and care.

What are the hardest things to move when moving house?

In all cases a House Move takes 2 or even 3 men to be able to handle the specifics of moving out heavy furniture or awkward household items.

Here are 5 of the most awkward house items we have to move every day:


#1. Wardrobes

As number one we always put the bedroom wardrobes as those as pretty big and very awkward to take out of a property. In most cases we have to put them on parts in order to be able to bear the sheer weight of every single part. Some customers insist on their wardrobes being removed in one piece but after evaluation of the size and the weight of every single wardrobe, we then decide what to do. You should ask the removal company to bring its own tools as otherwise the task of moving wardrobes becomes impossible. It is helpful if the booked man and van has experience in dismantling and putting together wardrobes especially those with glass doors.

#2. Sofa beds

Sofa beds are difficult to tackle by anybody even by some movers. Throughout the years we have seen many comedy situations where movers are stuck with a sofa bed on the staircase and neither they nor passers by can do anything about it. It takes skill and great care to move a 3 seater sofa bed out of a third floor flat and up to a second floor one as it is very heavy and awkward to turn. But it is doable. One can almost always see the bed mechanism stretching out when trying to take it out of one room into the hall or vice versa. So, hiring a man and van service who had been moving sofas for years is imperative in this case.

#3. Washing machines

Trying to move a washing machine with just your girlfriend/boyfriend is nearly self killing. Heavy and very difficult to handle, it takes a lot of effort and self determination to try and bring your old washing machine up to the second floor. That’s why the shop delivery men will leave it on the ground floor and it will be up to you to take it up. Hiring 2 men with a van service is the answer to the problem. They will move it to your new property with the expertise only a professional mover has and you will save on an expensive new one.

#4. Old Glass Cabinets

The glass cabinets in most houses are old and fragile. One cannot disassemble it as well , which makes them one of the most awkward things to have to move. Old locks where keys are missing or not working properly and wide opened doors are widely seen and that’s why only a professional man and van service can ensure that moving an old glass cabinet is as easy as it can only be to them. Glass doors are bubble wrap protected and all other door and drawers taped. Now it can be moved.

#5. A Piano

Whether an upright piano or a baby grand those items weigh well over 180kg. All piano movers have got special equipment and protective padding. In most cases especially when a piano needs to be taken down for a first floor and delivered to an upper floor – 4 men are required. Not all man with a van service providers move pianos as they also require a Luton van with tail lift at the back. So ask before you book.

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