What is covered in man and van insurance?

Finally, moving day arrives, and you watch as your whole life is slowly packed up inside a large van. Suddenly there is a loud crash, as the van misjudges the turning out of your drive. Everything inside the van crashes sideways, as it was not properly secured. Your possessions are in pieces. Glasses, plates, antiques, clocks, computers and your huge new £800 TV are all broken. Through your tears you reassure yourself that at least the insurance will cover it.

You did check the insurance policy, didn’t you?

Read on to find out why checking your removal company’s insurance documents is one of the most important things you should do before booking a firm and trusting them with your house contents.

Ask To See Documents

Firstly, check that your removal company is fully insured, and ask for a copy of the policy details. You can say you need it to cross-reference with your home insurance company if you feel awkward about asking. However, a good firm will be more than happy to give you all the details you need, and should volunteer them without you needing to ask. If they are reluctant to show you documentation, be cautious.

Check The Policy Details

In many instances, a removal company will have insurance as part of their contract with you as the client. Check to see what the limits are on any claims you may need to make. You may need to ask for an increase in cover if you have particularly expensive items being moved. Check to see what form of damage is covered. Does it include scrapes and scratches? Does it include important financial and legal documents, such as bonds, and deeds? Are you covered for poor weather conditions causing delays or damage?


It is particularly important to check whether you are covered for items in boxes that you have packed yourself. Not unreasonably, an insurance company will argue that if a removal company haven’t approved the way boxes have been packed, then they cannot be held responsible for breakages. They are not to know you have just put a single spun glass ornament in a large box with no padding, for example. It would not be fair to blame them if something which was badly packed got broken. If the removal company has packed your house contents themselves, then there should be no problem with insurance. Discuss all these matters with the removal firm representative, before signing a contract.

Home Insurance

Home insurance policies will often cover you for accidental damage or loss if the worst happens during a house move, so ring them up to discuss the details of your policy before the move. There is usually an excess to pay, and there may be a time limit for claims.

It is really worth knowing how you are covered on all fronts before embarking on a move. But remember that this is an everyday situation for removal companies, so they will easily be able to talk you through insurance matters to help you decide what to do.

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