Which is Better – A London Man & Van or A Big Removals Company?

Once in a while and nowadays more often than not, people with significant financial capability decide to move from very big houses or even from 5-6 bedroom houses to smaller and in other cases to even larger properties from/to an affluent area and this step is usually involves a hard to make choice of whether to hire a larger or a smaller removal service to do the move for them.

And as options are many, unlike in the past, when the obvious route was to hire a larger removals company, today the market is more open and it is easy to book a smaller company who can carry the packing, removal and unpacking faster, more reliably and a lot cheaper.

Now that you’ve decided to move from your 5-6 bedroom house or less, you can get quotes from our reliable Man & Van London Removers.

In the current market man and van moving companies are aplenty and everyone is trying to survive and attract more and more customers each day by offering deals or flash sales as we all rely on a quick turnover of jobs as our charges are per hour and thus require a careful and effective resolution to the moving need but ensuring it is done right and fast.

Our 10 years of experience shows that it all usually works fine but may be in some occasions it will be still better to call in the Big Brother?

Here is a dissection of all the similarities and differences between the two.

London Man & Van removals

Unlike the name suggests, although it was true in the past, nowadays man and van does not mean a man operating a single vehicle but as the business required expansion, most man and van companies are now operating fleet of 5-6 to 10-12 Luton and Transit type size vans.

Man with a van companies are able to accept jobs booked well in advance as well as in an emergency usually the same day or within an hour even and our charges are affordable and our service always impeccable. If reputable, the companies offer packing services and in cases like ours even unpacking service involving a team of 2 ladies, but 90% of jobs are customers packing their own belongings and man and van just moving it. It is every prospective customer’s duty to check online for the reliability of the company they would like to ahead with, and whether they are fully insured and what T&C do they have.

It is our duty to warn you that although there are quite a few reputable companies in London, at the same beat, there are many even positioned on page 1 of Google who proclaim they are cheap, but will end up a lot more unreliable, expensive and will get you in an unnecessary problems and will waste your time and money. So, make your research, call them, e-mail them and judge them by their professionalism.

An Established removal company

It is however a completely different ball game when large size Removal companies are concerned. Understandably those type of companies are concentrated on the more complex and requiring big teams of people and longer time to perform removals jobs and although recently some began to offer small man and van services to accommodate the greater demand for a quicker and cheaper service themselves, they are used to work in a different environment with different speed.

We have witnessed ourselves in past the rhythm of work of their employees and can testify of regular tea breaks and sense of no urgency of their operatives when they are contracted for house removals. And although we’re not putting their reputation under scrutiny and trying to belittle their efforts and although it is different in the eye of every beholder, it will most certainly reflect in the end bill for the service depending of course of the size of the property and amount of stuff to be moved. Very important in London in particular of course and it was our priority when we were choosing our vans, is that London streets are very narrow in a lot of cases and how are those big lorries going in and parking is beyond us, and we think it creates additional headache for house owners who want to move with them.

A Big Removal Service provider is supposed to charge more as they presumably offer “better” service, will possess lifting equipment to cover virtually any scenario, and in an unhurried manner will work tirelessly to complete a job in a right way even if it means very frequently it takes a day to complete it.

Now, as a positive, most Large Moving Companies are members of BAR (British Association of Removers) and agree to abide by their code of practice which does provide customers with a number of safeguards.


For the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small move customers in London booking a reputable London Man & Van Movers will make them happy and content. Yes, Absolutely. Why? Because, it will cost them next to nothing and it will be done in a speedy and effective manner.

For bigger than a five bedroom home, especially if high value paintings or old and valuable furniture are involved and you will need higher insurance cover or a specialist one or if a fixed price is preferred, then feel free to trust one of the big established removal companies.

Have an Amazing Moving!

Here at A Man with a Van London we’ve been providing removals in London since 2008. We are a very compatible team of reliable and experienced movers who have been moving thousands ( more than 15000 ) of Londoners for a long time and won’t let you down. Visit our homepage and get your London Man and Van quotes right now.


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