Boxes – they’re just part of the moving process. During any move, they’re almost everywhere, and they seem to come in all shapes and sizes. From small to massive and everything in between, those boxes are the one thing that’s going to help you get from your current home or flat to the next one, but how do you select the right boxes for your items?


There’s a perfect moving box for everything

There actually is a correct way and an incorrect way to pack up your home for a move. Of course you can just throw your items in any old box, but that’s not only going to create chaos, but you may also end up with far more broken items than you’d initially planned. Fortunately, you don’t have to face that. Instead, this guide can help you choose the perfect box for all of your items.


Let’s start with heavy objects such as books, magazines, sculptures, and the like. These items are best in small boxes. The boxes, after all, are cardboard and thus you don’t want to overload them. Plus, you want to be able to carry your boxes, so the heavier the items, the smaller the box you should use.


Next are the clothes. Clothes can be tricky. It may seem like it would be simple to fold them up and place them in boxes. However, it becomes very easy to overload boxes with clothes. The better option is to use wardrobe boxes. These boxes are larger in size and have a metal rack that is inserted across the top on the inside. This allows your clothes to hang. It is virtually impossible to overload a wardrobe box, because once the rack is full it is time to close up the box, label it and move it along with your other boxes.


Packing your kitchen has to be a careful process, but there are boxes that are specifically made for dishes and your glasses. The reason you want to get these specially designed boxes is so you can rest assured your kitchenware will be safe and secure during the move from your old house to your new house. They’re usually designed with double-walled protection and cell kits to keep everything secure during the removal process.


Even mirrors and flat screen televisions and computer monitors get their own box style during the moving process. These boxes have cardboard joints that secure the edges in place and keep them from rocking around during the move. They also protect them from getting scratched.


Moving is never easy, but with the right boxes, you can make certain all of your belongings make it to your new place without a problem.

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