Moving can often be a bit overwhelming, but, if you are equipped with the right tools before your move, the entire task is quite a bit easier. Wondering what tools you might need before you get started? Take a look, then make your list before you leave home!

What should I buy when moving home?

  1. Binder and Dividers: Before you do anything, buy a binder and dividers. In the binder, you will want to keep all of your contracts and receipts. You will also want to record an inventory list of everything that is in each of your boxes in this binder. If you have a detailed list for each box, unpacking on the other end of your move becomes much easier and is stress-free.
  2. Multiple Boxes and Packing Paper: Boxes seem like an obvious tool for making a move. However, many people overlook the fact that you have to have various box sizes. The smaller boxes are great for packing heavy things such as books. The bigger boxes are better for packing lighter items such as clothes. Speaking of clothes, wardrobe boxes make the best tool for moving hanging clothes. Another tool that gets overlooked quite often, until packing day, is packing paper. Packing paper is necessary for keeping fragile things in one piece from point A to point B, so make certain you get quite a bit of packing paper to pack dishes, pictures, and other decorative items safely.
  3. Markers: You may not think you’ll need them, but before you ever get started, purchase several markers. You will want to mark each box either with a list of the items inside the box, the room the box goes in, or a number, depending on your organisation technique. No matter how you mark your boxes, you are sure to run through more than one marker in the process of packing.
  4. Tape: Of course, you will need packing tape to close up each box on the top and the bottom. A tape roller is useful, as it is refillable and moving requires quite a bit of packing tape. Also, it is helpful to have multiple colors of duct tape. You can color code your boxes, using the colored duct tape, according to which room each box goes to. For example, you might mark all of your kitchen boxes with a strip of red tape and all of your living room boxes with a strip of green tape. A quick glance at the tape on the box will tell you or the movers which room to place the box in. Thus, your job of unpacking is made much easier because the boxes are already in the room they belong in.

Ready to head out to your local shop? Be sure to print this list and take it with you!

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