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House Packers and Packing Service


It all starts with packing…

Alongside removal services we also offer a great quality packing service. We know how annoying and time-consuming packing can be, especially when you are moving house and have a host of other things to be getting on with. If you use our service we will send a team of professionals round to pack whichever items you like by using the best quality packaging materials around.

We take extra care to ensure that your fragile and expensive items remain undamaged and arrive at their new destination in the same condition in which they departed. If you would like us to unpack your items once they arrive then we are perfectly happy to do that too. We will arrange furniture according to your requirements, unpack clothes and place them in wardrobes, unpack kitchenware and put it into cupboards, the list goes on. So the next time you find yourself facing a daunting amount of packing just remember that you can always give us a call!