It’s a huge milestone – he’s finally headed for University. Maybe he’s ready to explore the world for himself. Either way, moving him to his own flat can be a huge step for parents, but it can be stressful at the same time. What steps can you take to make certain the transition is a smooth one? Take a look.

What should I think about when moving my child into a flat?

First, you need to help him find the right flat. You will want to find out what is on the wish list for that new place. For example, how many bedrooms are a must? Does he want to have access to a workout room on site? Is he looking for a housing complex with other amenities like a laundry room or a pool? Once you have learned more about what he wants, you can start searching for available spots.

After you find that ideal spot, it’s time to start discussing moving expenses. This is the perfect time to discuss rental deposits, paying rent on time, and the cost of a removal company. Make certain you look over any contracts he signs before it happens so you have the opportunity to review any binding legal agreements.

Finally, it will be moving time. Help them pack their boxes so that they are organized. Show them how to organize a moving binder where they can keep their rental agreement, moving company agreement and lists of what is in their boxes. Let them take the reigns of hiring the moving company, making sure that they have all the dates right and that they take all of the details down from the movers. Then, on moving day, make sure that they are work with the movers when they are loading and then that they make it to their new apartment before the movers arrive.

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