Making a move, whether it be local or long distance, can be a difficult task especially when you have children of any age. So, what can you do to make your move go smoothly with your kids? These tips can help.

How can I make sure my move with kids goes smoothly?

Let Them Help Declutter

One of the first things to do when getting ready to move is declutter your house. Fortunately, this is the perfect place to involve the kids. Have them help you go through their things to decide what they want to give away and what they want to sell. Then, when you’re ready to have a rummage sale, let them help you price each item.

Packing Lessons

Give your children a packing lesson. Help them understand which boxes to use and how to place items in the box and carefully surround them with other items. Then, let them pack their non-breakable things. Have them help make the list of what is in each box. Then let them help to seal up the boxes.

Choosing a New Room

A new home or flat is an adventure for kids. If there are choices, let each of your children select the perfect bedroom in the house. Even if that’s not an option, though, perhaps painting that new room is. Allow your child to choose the right colour. You could also let your child plan his or her space. Once the furniture is in place and the boxes have arrived, let them unpack their boxes and arrange their items in their new rooms.

Go Exploring

Give your kids a chance to explore your new home and help decide good places to store things like their bikes, sports equipment, and more. Then give them a chance to explore the neighborhood around you.

If you get the kids involved in the move, it will help you to get everything done, while also helping your kids get excited about the move. Letting them help with and organising their room will help them to more readily accept the move and feel a sense of belonging and ownership in your new home or flat. Giving them a chance to explore the new house and the neighborhood will give them a sense of adventure about the move. Moving with kids isn’t easy, but it’s more than possible!

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