A Man with a Van Services is a well known London based company which is reliable, professional, well equipped, fast and knowledgeable. Our fleet consists of 3 types of suitable for moving vehicles available to you 24/7 all week to suit your man and van needs, ranging from medium to long wheel base vans to Luton vans. If you feel you do not have an idea what van is what, please, call us or e-mail us to get detailed information about our vans sizes and van loads. For quicker results, please, use our popular online quote form to get a price in seconds, we are aware that it will be difficult for any competitor to beat us in quality or price.

Importance of getting the right man with a van

Our Man with a Van service offers 3 different van sizes. Check our Van sizes when you check Prices and Van Sizes. Select the number of movers to help with you move. We also offer self-loading/unloading as an option for those customers who want to be practical and are ready to do the hard work and load and unload themselves and save money at the end of it.


If and when the need arise to move a single item, buy the dreamed sofa from IKEA, win an item from EBAY or simply move your flat, then man with a van hire is almost every time the answer to your question: How Am I going to get it?

By simply filling our quoting form with all your details on our website, you will be able to compare our price with the prices of all the rest but our man and van service is outstanding.

The quote which you will receive is VAT inclusive  and is the hourly rate per hour for the minimum hire time or a FIXED price depending on your requirements.
When an order is placed on our website for one of our removal services, there will also be a discount of up to 10% or as per our offer of the month.

Man and Van Services

Man and Van Services


We have been moving people from/to London since 2008 and our company has received a number of great reviews over the years and as we are courteous and professional, we are still receiving new ones from our customers every week or month. In the past 10 Years, since we have been promoting our brand in London, we have been working very hard to perfect our services and expand our customer base by not letting anyone down and always serve our fellow man the best possible way, which nowadays makes us the most reliable and professional Man with a Van business in London. Our customers appreciate our honesty and the level of grasping the essentials of all details of our business. Our man van service is friendly and our movers are professional, reliable and highly experienced.


One of the big surprises our customers experience is the how professional but humble and grateful our 4 moving teams are. We have trained them to take extreme care to every single item they move – we are The Man with Van service operating with finesse.

A Helping driver or a team of 2 arrives always on time, after careful evaluation of the items to move, starts loading with attention to detail. Every customer is free and welcome to travel with us in the van if so required. At reaching the unloading address, unloading starts and every items goes to the designated place upon customer’s wish.

Most of our customers are happy with the service provided and almost always give a tip for the extra miles our movers walk to get customers satisfaction. It is at the customer’s discretion whether to tip a driver or the team for their excellent service.

A Man with a Van London teams work enthusiastically to ensure that the moving process runs like clockwork at every of our moves. Our Prices start @ £25 p/h and we accept all major payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash.

Let the best man with a van London service take care of your needs for movers. We provide a professional service at very affordable prices. Our well trained movers can be seen moving Londoners every day of the year and man and van hire services are reaching very high level of professionalism and competency. If required by you, We will move you on the same day.( subject to availability)

Our customers are always well taken care of as they know from our reputation that We will do the impossible just to get them a piece of mind. When you use A Man with a Van London – part of Best Van and Man Ltd, you can rest assured that your team leader will ensure the man and van service you booked with us is as effortless as possible. Our vans are Goods in Transit insured compensating you with up to £10000. On top of that every man with a van come well equipped and full prepared for the job of house moving.

Our man and van London services are conducted with a fleet of 4 vans all different sizes and payload capability. If you need a small scale removal service using just the help of the driver or our teams of 2 or 3 strong men, we have it all and we are there to provide it for you. We are competent at packing, moving furniture, unpacking and unloading furniture. We can accommodate your need even if you require a full scale house removal service.

What Happens When You Hire a Man with a Van in London?

The booked van arrives at the time stated in our confirmation e-mail and the driver parks it at the best possible place for easy loading. You can expect a ring on the door or a phone call to be informed that the van is outside. The driver comes up for initial inspection of items to move prior to the moving starting.

As everything is agreed in advance, the loading process starts with the biggest items usually coming in first. As soon as all the furniture is loaded, here come the boxes. The bags and all fragile items will be loaded last and all will be secured tight in the van ensuring safe delivery. Our team leader will make sure it is all ok and will let the movers lock the van safe.

Upon arrival, we park the van the closest possible to the entrance door and carefully start unloading. All boxes and bags are unloaded first and placed exactly where you want them to be. Labeling the boxes with the rooms they should go to is always more helpful; for our movers and well appreciated as it eases out workload. At the end of the man with van service, the payment is sorted and the job is completed. It’s Easy!

Anything, Anywhere… Man with Van in London

Man and van services are small companies, serving small businesses as well as flat/house moving individuals and students. Back in 2008, we thought it will be a good idea to answer the need for a bespoke professional man and van service in London. We are fully insured (£10,000 Goods In transit and £2,000 000 Public Liability). Our 10 years experience in the Removals and Man with Van in London industry, make us irreplaceable part of the London’s economy. Our Man with a Van Prices start from just £45 for a single item removal, beating all other man and van hire companies serving London and with us you do not pay a deposit or worry for cash as we come equipped with credit/debit card terminals in our vans tips for hiring a van.

We are professional, safe, reliable and honest removal service with rich experience and huge willingness to help people. We operate successfully for 10 Years now in all of London and Greater London postcodes and we do deliver locally, nationwide or into Europe. Our drivers are uniformed, trained, tested and willing to work.

Why Using Man with a Van Companies in London?

Man and van service is either a one man band, a family run small business or it can grow to a larger removal company. The essence is that you hire a van with a driver to drive it without you having to bother to pay deposits, insurance excesses and so on and at the same time, the driver can help you with loading and unloading if you so wish or with us, it can be a full professional removal and storage service which in turn takes all the stress out of your move.

Man And Van North London

What is the easiest way to find a man & van service in London?

If you look for a man and van removals company and you wonder what is the best way to get the job done surely and reliably, the easiest way is to Google “Man With a Van” or “Man with a van London”. Be aware that you might fell upon comparison websites for man and van hire which does have no idea of the work itself and are only taking up to 40% commission of self employed drivers. In turn, those drivers are working for a lot less and will most surely not deliver customer satisfaction as they will be in a hurry to finish your move quickly to get on the next one, in order to earn a decent income. Look for a company with a professional looking website, which will provide the service itself, with affordable prices and reviews on their website and verifiable reviews on Google. On our website, simply enter the details of your job and we will quote you according to your requirements and you are under no-obligation as it is for free.

What are the different levels of service available?

Before you start looking for a man with a van service, you need to decide what service you would need. Would you need packing service? A lot of people do as to pack is a hard work which also is a time consuming. Would you need furniture disassembly and/or assembly? A Lot of people do as it is not easy for young couple or a single man/woman to disassemble the wardrobe for example or the Ikea bed. Would you also consider unpacking service? Some people do as it saves them time and they can earn while at the same time their own moving is done and finished by us.

May be leave it to the professionals?

Handling a move yourself is stressful, time consuming and costly. Professional man and van hire services are best at moving and will be climbing up and down the stairs with all the furniture you have to move and all your boxes without any tiredness or any compications.

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5 Tips for man and van hire

  1. If you want to move inexpensively, book a service during the week.
  2. Weekends are more desirable time to move, that’s why man with a van will cost more.
  3. When asking for a free quote, make sure you know exactly what you want to move. Try and remember the number of boxes and amount of furniture – don’t forget some of the stuff in the loft, the garden furniture, the shed and those bikes in the garage!
  4. Overestimating the amount, means you pay more than necessary for man with a van that’s too big and underestimating means you can’t squeeze everything in.
  5. Getting it right, means you will be paying the right price for the amount you need moving.

Look here to know in detail about Moving Van Hire .

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