One thing people worry about when relocating over a long distance, is leaving something important behind. So to encourage you to be extra careful before you shut the door for the last time, here three movers tell us about the worst facepalm moments on realising the things they left behind, when moving from one end of the country to another. Just a bit of fun!

Some of the things people actually left being during a house move

Who picked up the cat?

“It was one of those moments you never forget. We turned into the muddy lane that led to our new cottage on the Scottish Borders, and the sky was bright blue. We’d been travelling since dawn, and it had taken us seven hours to reach our new home. We could see the removal van right behind us, bobbing up and down as it negotiated the unmade road. The children tumbled out of the car, the front door was opened, bedrooms claimed. Elsa, my five-year-old daughter, settled herself down in front of the wood burner. “Miffy is going to love this fire when it’s alight, Mummy…” she said. And that’s when I realised – Miffy was still at home in Chiswick. I’d locked her in a bedroom, meaning to bring her down at the last moment so she didn’t get too stressed. I found my phone, and saw a stream of messages and missed calls. Miffy had been found. It took another two weeks before she joined us, and a hefty cattery bill. My simple advice would be to carefully check every room before you leave the house!”  – Sarah H, Selkirk.

A load of dirty laundry

‘My facepalm moment was when I realised I’d left an entire load of dirty washing in the washing machine. We sold some of our white goods to the new buyers, as they were less than a year old. I’d decided to do a last wash two days before the move, and then things got really hectic with the buyers. There were so many phone calls to make, tears, tantrums and negotiations. What with that and the packing up, I just forgot all about the dirty washing. When I realised I wanted the ground to swallow me up…”  – Donna M, Runcorn.

Everything Important

‘I managed to leave just about everything of importance behind when I moved my family to Oxford from Ireland. I really could not have made a much worse job of it. I had put all really essential documents in one folder, including deeds, contracts, utility services details, cheque book, keys to the new property…literally everything important I would need for at the other end. It was only when we were driving towards the new house, with about ten miles to go, that I realised. I’d left the folder on top of the kitchen worktop, as I rushed out of the house at the last moment. I’d like to say it was funny and we laughed about it, but it took ages to sort out. The worst thing was waiting like lemons with the removal van for a locksmith to arrive so we could get into the new house. My advice is to check the most important things first, not last!’ – Stephen D, Oxford

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