How To Transport A Fridge Freezer

How To Transport A Fridge Freezer

As professional movers, we would not recommend moving refrigerators on your own. Hiring a professional mover near you is the number one choice because they have the proper equipment, experienced manpower, insurance coverage, and efficient teamwork. They are taught and trained to deal with the toughest situations, and the will make it right at the first time, every time, so get professional help if you are thinking about how to transport a fridge freezer?

1. Remove all the contents in and outside of the fridge

You must remove all movable contents before trying to move the fridge. Food, containers, trays, magnets (the fridge’s front surface), and miscellaneous items must be held tight or taken out in order to avoid rattling around. For perishable items, we have to finish them off or throw them away; because a large move takes longer, perishable food will get worse day after day.

2. Remove the inside racks

All fridge’s components such as, trays, dividers, cabinets, racks, should be removed and wrapped carefully, or we can store all of them in any fridge’s drawers that can be fitted in. The purposes of this is to avoid bent and loss for those unique accessories. However, there is another option for us if we don’t want to remove those things. We can secure them in place by lightly applying an enough amount of tape. We can even pack your things up for you using eco-friendly products! Ask us about our packing & packaging services today.

3. Unplug the wire

The fridge coil or wire needs to unplug at any circumstances right after all the contents are settled. We also have to disconnect the water supply for the ice maker part. All the wires and coils must be taped tidily so as to make sure that they are staying in place when moving.

4. Defrost the freezer

Nobody wants a messy move, especially with water. Whenever the fridge is unplugged, frost is starting to melt and discarding water gradually. If we don’t catch it on time, our belongings will get wet and spoiled. It usually takes 6 to 8 hours to defrost; therefore, a fridge with frost needs to defrost at least a night before the moving day. This is also a good chance for us to clean and scrub our fridge with disinfectant wipes from inside to outside before bringing it to the new place.

We use the same steps in reverse to bring the fridge down and use a dolly to move it to the new place. However, we should not plug in and use right away, we should wait for a couple of hours. This step will help the oil and fluid return to the compressor normally, so as to avoid damaging our refrigerator. The ideal temperature will return to normal in a few days moving scam.

Why is it important to know how to transport a fridge?

The refrigerator is the most basic appliance that every single family must have. Over time, the refrigerator is changing in both interior and exterior, because it is no longer doing only one job, which preserves the food. A modern kitchen always gets along with a modern fridge. single item removals  service will be able to help you make sure that these keepsakes make it without any type of damage.

The interior has not changed much because of the purpose of using is unchanged while the exterior is making a revolutionary change. Aluminum, carbon fiber, glass, and veneer are very common nowadays because these materials will boost the luxury and elegance of our kitchen area.

Right now, a fridge can be used as an ice machine, a food preservation unit, an ice-cream maker, a food storage, or etc. Besides those purposes, the refrigerator contributes an important role in our houses, which is decoration. Nowadays, a household refrigerator costs around a five hundred to a few thousand pounds depending on the cubic feet, the material, and the technologies; therefore, the refrigerator is another way of showing off the owner’s images of abundant and affluent life.

That is the reason why an expensive refrigerator needs special treatment when moving from place to place. Indeed, the refrigerator is always spotted first whenever a person entering the kitchen for the first time. By the end of the move, we never want any damages to either our new house or our appliances.

A dent on an appliance surface is even more annoying than a hole on the wall. For example, it is like a dent on our car’s door, and because we see it every day, it needs to be fixed at all prices; if we don’t fix it properly, people will underestimate our status and value.

Same as the refrigerator, it is hard to cover and costly to fix, but we have a chance to protect it, why should we go without protection? It is all about hiring a A Man With a Van London. to take care of not only your refrigerator but also other appliances. This is why it is important to know how to transport a fridge freezer.Whatever the reason, A Man With A Van London can offer you secure storage for your items for as long or as short a time as you need. 

We’re available 24/7 every day of the week so you can reach us in case of any issues. You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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How To Move A Piano?

How To Move A Piano?

When you’re ready to move your piano, approach removalist team. Our team are specialists in moving large and vulnerable effects. Our team of professionals use custom made crates and high quality packaging materials for moving and climate controlled facilities for storing your instrument. Speak to our consultants about how to move a piano?

Hire the professionals

The obvious answer is to get someone who knows what they’re doing to do it for you. Pianos weigh a lot so they’re best left to the removalists who know how to lift a piano and move it without causing injury to themselves or damage to the instrument.

Despite how sturdy and strong a piano seems, they are a very delicate instrument. Pianos need to be protected with packaging materials, down to each individual pedal. But it’s not enough to simply protect the outside of a piano. Strong movement and contact with outside objects can cause damage to the strings and felt hammers inside the piano.

Prepare your piano for moving

Don’t try to move your piano on your own, even if it is on metal wheels. These wheels are only designed to help you move a piano a couple of inches, not to another room in the house. Close the lid of your piano and lock it with the key to prevent the lid from opening and exposing the keys during the move. Wrap your piano in furniture blankets to protect it from dents and scratches. Your removalist will have these if you don’t already.

Storing a piano

If you require storage for your piano, there are a couple of factors you need to consider. Pianos need to be kept at a constant and stable temperature and humidity level to maintain their condition. They should always be stored away from direct sunlight, vents and fireplaces, windows and outside walls. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause your pianos sound board to swell and shrink, having an immediate effect on its sound. Your piano also needs to be stored on a level surface and free from dust moving company fines and penalties .

Call in the tuner

Once your piano has been moved, call in a tuner to tune the instrument for you as some of the strings may have loosened during the move. If the piano has been kept in storage and unused for an extended period of time it may also slip out of tune.

Finding a removals expert


> Search online for a dedicated piano removals expert who can help you get the piano out of the house and into a cheap removals lorry

> Alternatively, compare customer reviews of a few general removals agencies. Look for comments on their personnel’s general conscientiousness if you can’t find specific comments on piano removals

> Ask your removals company how much experience they have in packing and shipping pianos

> Ask about insurance cover and any chargeable excesses

> Find out whether they provide door to door pickup and delivery options – this is highly recommended if you can’t employ a dedicated piano removals expert to do this

> Work out whether your piano needs a climate controlled environment in transit and / or in storage

London single item removals is easy as long as you prepare ahead of time. Just a little preparation can save you money and trouble when it comes time to move your piano. A piano is an investment and moving it should be done carefully. When moving your piano you should hire professional piano movers, and you may want to consider a white glove moving company. Pianos are sensitive pieces of equipment and moving a piano yourself can lead to damage to your piano, damage to your house, or even injury. Piano movers have years of experience that lets them move a piano safely and efficiently.

Well, it is a universally accepted fact that pianos are clunky, heavy, big, and, generally, hard to move. And yet, despite all these inconveniences that come with owning a grand piano, musicians and collectors around the world want to have such a marvelous instrument in their own home.

A piano is really a treasured possession in a household, setting the home apart and giving it a truly distinguished character. Even if your piano is not grand and beautiful, if it belonged to a family member, it may still have great sentimental value. Whatever the reason may be, people often become deeply attached to their pianos. They carry great value, sentimental or monetary, and for that reason, moving a piano really is a science that takes careful planning and an expert operation.

How professional piano moving works

how to move a piano

Becoming a professional piano mover requires an extensive period of training under a master/journeyman piano mover. Over decades, the techniques used have been developed to accommodate the unique features of all different types of pianos, including: spinet, upright, baby-grand and grand pianos.We provide that service for Londoners successfully for more than a decade now A Man With a Van London.

We know how to move a piano and reassemble sheet music stands, protect mirrors and fragile old ivory keys and even take the legs off a grand piano. You can rest assured that we will secure the keyboard cover, the top of your grand piano and any other parts that might come open during the moving process. When we move your piano into your new home, we will do all the unwrapping and set it up for you just as it was. Unfortunately, we can’t tune your piano after we move it, but we can do everything else.

 You can get an instant quote for our man and van taxi van hire service from our website. We can only drive the van if you wish, or London house removals. can help load and unload too if that is what you desire.You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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How To Move A Washing Machine

How To Move A Washing Machine

When it comes to moving how to move a washing machine, the best advice is to leave it to a professional moving company who has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get the job done. If that isn’t possible, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to properly move these major home appliances.

For starters, you will need an appliance trolley and straps, as well as vehicle or moving van large enough to handle the size of the machine you are transporting. Be sure to measure the appliance and the area you will be moving it through to make sure there is plenty of room. Also, clear the passage way of any obstructions before you get started. Appliances are heavy and cumbersome, so it’s critical to prepare before you start the moving process to ensure they reach the destination without damage.

How to move a washing machine

> Unplug washer, open door, let dry for 24 hours
> Turn off water supply
> Disconnect hoses
> Secure the tub
> Clean and dry outside of machine
> Tape door shut
> Cover with moving blanket
> Move using a trolley

Preparing your home appliances for the move is a huge step which shouldn’t be underestimated. Pre-move tasks are an essential part of every successful move. Failing to do some basic preparations for the moving day may result in making some disastrous moving mistakes that could have been easily avoided in the first place. Your washing machine as well as other appliances need to be properly prepared for the moving day.

Along with the excitement of moving to a new home all the way across the country comes the headache of making sure that all your belongings safely make it to your new place. There are plenty of options to help you transport your stuff. Most families choose to hire a London house removals. to do the job, while some people prefer to do it themselves. So if you’re moving to a new house and you’re wondering how to transport your belongings, here’s our brief guide to the pros and cons of the options:

Hiring professional movers:

This is an easy first choice. And rightly so, because hiring a professional moving company has several advantages, including:

1. Faster packing and moving – don’t just take care of shifting your belongings; they normally help you packing up your stuff as well. And they get the job done within a few hours, leaving you with enough time to unpack later in the day (if the journey to your new place takes less than a day).

2. Less trouble, more comfort – Movers do all the London packing services and lifting for you, which means that you’ll be relieved of all the difficult work. They help you transport all the heavy and fragile stuff, right from delicate chinaware and wooden furniture to your washing machine, air-conditioning unit, and refrigerator.

3. Little or no risk of damage – No matter how certain you are of successfully transporting your belongings over long distances by yourself, Packers and movers East London almost always do it better. This is because they’re backed by years of experience, and can pack and move all kinds of goods with little or no damage.

Unplug the washer and leave the door open to allow it to dry out for at least 24 hours before attempting to move it. Shut off the water supply and disconnect the hoses from the back of the washer. Have a bucket or another container on hand to catch any water left in the hoses.

It is best to look in the washing machine owner’s manual to determine how to secure the tub to keep it from swaying. If you do not have the manual for your washer, you can usually find them online. Clean and dry the outside of the machine and tape the door shut. You may want to cover your machine with a moving blanket to prevent scratches. Lift the washer with the appliance dolly on the side of the washer, not on the front or back.


> Unplug dryer
> Disconnect vent hose and lint trap, then clean
> Roll vent house and place inside dryer
> Tape electrical cord to the back of the dryer.
> If gas dryer, have technician disconnect the gas line
> Tape door shut
> Cover with moving blanket
> Move using a trolley

Unplug your dryer and disconnect the vent hose. Clean the vent hose and lint trap. Carefully roll up the vent hose and place inside the dryer. Tape the electrical cord to the back of the dryer during transport. If you have a gas dryer, it is best to have a qualified technician disconnect the gas line for you.

You will need a technician from the gas company to reconnect the line when you arrive at your new home. Tape the door shut and cover with a moving blanket to prevent scratches. Dryers need to be loaded onto the appliance dolly from the side, the same as washing machines.

A Man With a Van London offers a Packing Service using high-quality materials and skills needed to ensure the safest possible journey for your belongings. Packing is a trade, hence our advice would be to always rely on professional movers and packers.

Your home appliances are a significant investment. If you don’t want to leave your washing machine behind when you move, you must know how to disconnect, drain, and relocate it. With a few simple supplies and a couple of helpers, you can move your washer without trouble. You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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How To Pack When Moving House

How To Pack When Moving House

Packing is one of the most tiresome parts of moving. Knowing how to pack when moving house properly, and choosing the right packing boxes and containers, will help ease the stress. Having to pack up an entire house to move can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have a lot of stuff. However the more organised you are, the more time and energy you’ll save.

Relocation is a process you never look forward to. You have to contact utility companies, clean your entire home before you leave, hire a removals company in advance, not to mention pack all your belongings. So, how to pack when moving house?

How To Pack When Moving House In London

 When moving there’s so much to do that hiring a London house removals might be the way to go. Keep in mind that there are lots of options available, from packing your entire household to packing selected things only.

If cost is not an issue, then consider hiring cheap removals professionals for both packing and unpacking. There are many services that provide everything from packing up your household to unpacking and setting up your new home. But before you hire or even decide to hire, you’ll need to weigh your time and energy versus the cost involved in hiring professionals to pack and unpack your home.

Moving into a new home can be an exciting life change, but it comes with its own set of stresses. Whether it’s cross-country or cross-town, a move requires a lot of work to pack up your belongings, transport them and lug them into your new place. packing service for moving house Professional movers can be a big help because they do all of the heavy lifting for you. You can even pay them extra to pack and unpack your stuff!However, preparation is the key to making sure your move won’t take longer than it needs to and be even more stressful or expensive (most of these guys are paid by the hour, after all).

Pre-Move Packing Benefits

> Sit back and relax with all the hard work done for you.

> Fully trained professional will pack all your treasured possessions.
> Great time saver.
> You don’t have to live with boxes stacked up in every room for a month before you move.
> Reduces the chance of accidental damage to your belongings on moving day.
> Specialised packing materials for use with fragile items.
> Port-a-robes for clothing so that they arrive just as before and ready to hang.

Everybody has a right to move to any country in the world. At the same time, those who tried to do it know that the process of removal implies many difficulties. You have to pack all the belongings before transportation, create a route taking into account different ways of transportation to the final destination, unpack everything after delivery, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that moving is commonly perceived as a dreadful challenge. However, there is only one thing more difficult than simple moving

Locate how to pack when moving house


Having professionals pack up your household can lower stress levels. It can be good if you don’t have the time, and it’s worth weighing the cost versus what your time is worth. The moving van hire London costs. will give you a quote which covers all packing materials plus the cost of moving. This means there shouldn’t be any surprises later.

Packing is an important part of any move. If you get it wrong it can be costly. Our professional packing service can take care of some or all of the packing for your relocation. It can cost alot less than you think. You don’t even have to be moving with ab fab to experience our packing service though we obviously recommend it moving company laws.

Should you opt for the full house packing service we will attend your home or business prior to your move day and will pack all belongings and prepare any items for transportation. Our professional packers have access to quality packing materials and are well trained with a vast knowledge and experience. Having our team carry out the packing gives you peace of mind knowing the job has been done well.We also help with A Man With A Van London

Antique or highly polished furniture often requires expert wrapping for extra protection. Pictures or delicate items may also require specialized wrapping. The packers will bubble wrap and or shrink wrap the item to ensure it remains in a stable, safe position during transit.

Professionally packed belongings means less effort for you and it is well priced when considering the sheer hard work of a self pack. Get us to pack as much or as little as you prefer. You decide how easy you want your move to be. We can provide the packing materials to protect your items including labels so you can identify your items for unpacking.We’re available 24/7 every day of the week so you can reach us in case of any issues.You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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How To Pack To Move House

How To Pack To Move House

Moving from your old home to a new home means that you’re going to have to pack up everything in your entire house, only to unpack it at your new home. Does that sound like a daunting and even tedious task? Of course it does. But it’s also one of the necessary evils of moving. If you are on think of how to pack to move house then our professionals are here to assist you.

To start a new beginning at your new home your packing must be perfect enough to avoid damaging your precious belongings, which would certainly cause a lot of unneeded and unwanted headaches amidst all of the other moving chaos you’ll be subjected to.

Hire Removal London & Know How To Pack To Move House

Because of the sheer tedium and back-breaking hard work that is required when you pack up an entire house, it’s easy to procrastinate the process and delay your move longer than you have to. This can also lead to putting off your packing until the last possible minute and rushing through it, which isn’t good either. If your packing lacks the cautiousness and careful perfection required, your belongings might damage and break during the move, or worse.

As packing plays a key role in making the move a successful one, it is vital to ensure that all of your stuff is packed correctly and is also properly protected the move is in progress. packing service for moving house your entire house yourself may seem like an impossible task, and followed up by the process of unpacking once you settle down in your home, it can all seem a little overwhelming at first glance.

It’s only natural that you would want a little help with the process from trained and experienced moving professionals. And since packing is a very time-consuming and work-intensive process, you’ll want it to be done right. However, you have only two options when it comes to packing; do it yourself, or hire a pro to pack your things for you.

Locate simpler way for how to pack to move house

You may be wondering when the right time would be to call up a London house removals. You certainly don’t want to find out halfway through the packing process, when you’ve gone through weeks of sporadic packing and gathering of supplies and see no end in sight. And you certainly don’t want to find out after the move, when some of your most valuable belongings were damaged because you didn’t pack them correctly.Well, here are some guidelines for when using a professional packing service might be the best way to go moving truck.

When you’re making a long-distance or international move. If you’re moving down the street or 20 miles away, your move will most likely be manageable enough for you to get the packing done by yourself. While your items should still be packed safely and securely, they won’t be in transit for that long and therefore the chances of something breaking are a lot slimmer than if they were to travel hundreds or thousands of miles in those boxes.

When you’re moving a big house that’s 3 bedrooms or larger. Packing can take a pretty long time, especially if you have a lot of other obligations to attend to, like your job, your family, and planning for the move. The more rooms in your house that you have to pack, the longer it’s going to take, of course, and anything larger than a 3-bedroom house can really be a daunting task for just about anybody, so you might want to consider asking for help.

If you have a great deal of expensive or valuable items. You know how to take care of your valuable belongings, but do you know how to pack them correctly so that they’re not damaged during the move? Probably not. But professional moving services do, and they’re trained in how to prevent damage, so if you have a lot of valuable items that you don’t want breaking during the move, you should probably hire the pros to get the job done. Besides, the money you pay for them to pack for you will likely be less than it prices to replace or repair an old piece of antique furniture.

Packing is probably the most stressful and back-breaking part of the move. Letting packing service for moving house. help you could really eliminate a lot of that work, if not all of it. In fact, professional movers usually need only a few hours to accomplish the job. However, all of that comes at a price, of course.

Our professional packers A Man With A Van Londonare also experienced at home organising, decluttering and down sizing. They have a sense of style, are trustworthy and practical, logical thinkers and love setting up houses. They take great pride in packing and unpacking and setting up client’s homes. They are also quick and efficient at packing and unpacking house, saving you not only money but also lots of time and hassle as well.We’re available 24/7 every day of the week so you can reach us in case of any issues.You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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