Man And Van London Taxi Vans Hire

Man And Van London Taxi Vans Hire

We usually start thinking about how to move home at the last minute. There is a way in which the customer hires a van himself/herself and does it himself/herself. Not confident you will be able to drive in London? You might consider this option, but first, make sure you know exactly what a van hired from Man and Van London taxi vans hire van Rental Company in London will cost for a day. It is not cheap and you will have to be prepared to cover financially any small damage to the van as well as fuel it, drive it and also call a friend for help.

And all this compared to hiring a taxi Luton van with 1,2 or 3 movers will prove to be cost saving, easier and safer to actually doing the removal yourself, and Remember – your goods are INSURED if something gets broken in the move…

How does it sound?

You now start to comprehend how much money, time and effort a moving taxi van hire London can save you compared to any ‘self-drive’ van hire. Allowing our fully trained and insured professional removal men do the job for you will save you time and money!

Professional Services

Hiring AMWAVL will get you a man with a van to your door at the time you choose and the driver can help you load, or if you don’t want to do anything, then 2 movers will do it for you. All house removals vans are new and you get a single quote which is available instantly online so you can compare our man and van prices to what others offer.

When you want to go ahead with London Taxi Van Hire, you just need to e-mail us for a quote and you can also pick the Taxi Van’s size of your choice for your needs of moving and packing. It is always a good idea to book Man And Van service in advance as you will have an advantage of getting a van with a crew of your own choice. This will keep you away from the hassles of renting a self-driving van which is not of your choice for your moving needs – box truck.

Some companies are always busy. This is because they must have a lot of other work on, so they are not relying on your booking to fill their diary, and also because it is harder for them to organize things at short notice. It is overall beneficial and economical to man and van North London  services for quality moving and packing services in a budget. Booking a Removal Company is not like booking a Taxi!


 man and van london taxi vans hire

It is overall beneficial and economical to choose us services for quality moving and packing services in a budget. Your household contents can be deceiving in size. Never leave packing to the last minute. If you do, you run the risk of damages because you will rush to get it all finished in time, and this could easily have been avoided by starting well in advance.

There is a lot to think about, including how many men are required, what size van do you need, does the parking suspension need to be booked, can the movers do the packing for you or are you doing it yourself. If you are packing yourself, is there time to get the boxes delivered to you on time, etc, etc.

‘Man And Van’ or ‘Man With A Van’ are keywords to describe hiring a self-employed driver for light removals, 2 movers for larger jobs and a delivery or collection service – basically for any job which does not involve shifting a huge amount of items, but too much to get into a car or a minivan. From personal experience, We Know that most people nowadays don’t need a full removal and packing service, but just a ‘man with a van’, or simply a ‘man and van’ or sometimes just 2 men without a van!

We provide that service for Londoners successfully for more than a decade now A Man With a Van London. You can get an instant quote for our man and van taxi van hire service from our website. We can only drive the van if you wish, or man and van London removals can help load and unload too if that is what you desire.

You can have 2, 3, 4 or even more men to assist with the hard work if you do not want to do any lifting or carrying. ‘Man and van movers’ is the exact description of our business, which accurately describes the removal service we offer. In a Phrase that is who we are – Man And Van London Taxi Vans for Hire – The best Professionals in the London area! You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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A Man with a Van London Cost?

A Man with a Van London Cost?

OK, the answer to this question is probably why you are reading this article of ours and it will allow you to inform yourself and others about the average cost of moving a room, a flat or a house in London.Let’s findout how Much Does a Man with a Van London Cost? Since it started, a man with a van London business is the most affordable and cost-efficient way for people or families to move in London, regardless of whether you’re moving just a couple of boxes and suitcases or you need help with packing and you move a house with furniture. So if you’re moving to London, please, remember to visit our homepage and get a quote when you’ve finished reading.

What this article is about, is to explain the ins and outs of hiring house removals and how to better differentiate between the different companies and make a wise choice for your upcoming move, booking securely and safe in the knowledge that the movers you booked will not let you down in the last minute.

In the past, a man and van would be used for single items removals deliveries mainly or a small amount of furniture removal. Nowadays, if you look at Gumtree, You will still be able to find a cowboy man and van to hire for cheap but it is increasingly the case where those companies who wanted to build a business out of the service they offered in the past, have started to offer all the services a customer can expect from a Removal Company and the new wave of customers do now prefer to hire man and van to move or pack and move their homes as well as students or just Londoners moving from one room to another.

For those people who are unfamiliar with the way we operate and find it difficult to make a choice of who to hire as they all have similar names and are sounding all the same, please refer to our why a Man with a Van page,  for there,  you will read how are we different to the rest.


Most Men With a Van Companies have different ways of quoting for a job, where some have their prices on their websites, others will have an Instant Quote form and others will Not have their prices shown at all, but as a customer, every one of us should be getting an idea of what the charges are or how are they formed, and also, what we will get for our money as well as what are the terms and conditions of use.

Some companies provide a breakdown quote where we can see what the rates are, others just show the end price, but as a whole it is best when we call and explain what will our job involve and what are our Movers requirements and then we will get a figure which will be very close to the final sum we will need to pay.

It is preferable if a customer can receive a quote in writing, it will be usually provided by email, so we have a record of what has been agreed that we can refer to later if required.

Charging by The Hour

Charging by the Hour is the most common way of forming a quote in London and across the UK and prices are usually clearly shown either on the Home Page or Prices Page and it varies depending on the number of helpers required.

Charge by the hour is the preferred method of charging customers for most man with a van removals in London and The UK as this gives all the sides, the flexibility of hiring someone for 1.5 hours, 2 hours or more as well as it serves well customers who are on a budget and would like to keep costs under control.

There are moves which will require us to have more detailed information about all the items to move, the size of the property especially where packing is required and they involve a home visit in advance or nowadays with the technology so advanced pictures to be sent by e-mail so that the companies can have a better idea of what to expect in advance and all the necessary preparations TO TAKE PLACE FIRST and this will result in an idea of the final cost 

When charging by the hour, there is a minimum charge of two hours, and if the two hours minimum is exceeded, the charge goes in half an hour increments thereafter

Charging a Fixed Amount

Some people prefer to have a fixed price quoted. This option exists and all man with a van movers will quote in this way but for this to happen, a customer is usually moving a long distance from the pick up address, going abroad or the movers have already done similar moves and based on their experience and knowledge, they quote a certain amount which will cover the whole moving process.

Where a long distance house removal is concerned, this option is mostly preferred as it avoids paying extra for being stuck in a traffic jam due to unforeseen circumstances like that

Extra charges

Extra charges apply usually for stairs and or mileage and where it clearly states in T&C for parking fines.

Some companies charge low basic fee where a move is from a ground to a ground floor and when stairs are involved, there will be an additional charge for stairs, others prefer to include the stairs charge in the hourly rate figure, and there are some that claim to not charge any extra but their prices are so high that all eventualities have been covered in advance. Mileage charge is usually charged after the initial 10 miles and this is not unreasonable as it covers some of the cost towards maintaining vans in perfect condition.

There are some customers who “forget” to inform the booking managers of a man with a van company about all the items they want to move, the additional stop they want to make, set of stairs they didn’t realize will have to be used as this big sofa does not fit in the lift, etc….resulting in extra charges and increasing the time it took for the move to be completed, which in its own right reflects on the next customer waiting to be moved. In most cases, it pays off to be clear and transparent in advance to avoid being overcharged and to get a hassle-free moving experience every time.

 Average cost per hour?

Man and van prices in London are between £30 to £45 per hour (with a two-hour minimum charge) which would normally include a working driver helping to load and unload. For 2( two ) working men between £45 to £60 per hour ( again with a minimum charge of 2 hours ) on average and for 3( three ) movers and a van between £60 to £75 per hour ( usually with a minimum of 3 hours hire ). The actual type of van used doesn’t normally affect the price but check our price guide to get an idea of what prices you will most likely get.

 *An Advice*

 From Years of experience, we would like to share with you our opinion of what people could improve on their experience when hiring movers, Please, Remember that booking and hiring whoever appears to be offering the cheapest price, always results in unreliability, disappointment and,leads to negative feelings towards theindustry as a whole.You can educate yourself of what to look out for when hiring a cheap man and a van and why the difference in end price is often very minimal oncea variey of extra unknown in advance charges have been added on.

Prices depend on availability

Sometimes there is a choice that needs to be made about what type of service provider is needed for our moving need and Which is Better – A London Man & Van or A Big Removals Company?

In all cases we must look for the one that looks professional, trustworthy and is able to meet your specific requirements, rather than the one promising the cheapest price only to overcharge you at the end with a lot of extras, not notifying you about it in advance and providing you with not so good a service as a reputable and reliable Man With a Van will.

After reading all this and if you still think that you can just hire a van and do it yourself, please think again as further down we will explain the potential pitfalls of such a decision.

Why do we charge a minimum of 2 hours?


As you have just realized, most professional Man and Van Companies have a two-hour minimum charge and you ask yourself: But I need him for just 1-hour max, why should I pay for 2 hours?

If you think of what does a job undertaking involves from a man with a van’s point of view, you will understand that it takes an hour or more for the driver to drive through London’s traffic to come to you, then your move takes 97 mins or so( example) and then he/she will either drive 1-2 hours to go back to the base or if he/she is lucky enough to have a nicely timed second job, to go on driving unspecified amount of time to reach his/her next customer on time. In all cases, it takes about 4 hours to perform a job that “ONLY” takes an hour as customers say.

The two-hour minimum charge is there so that Movers can make it worthwhile and still be in business after a year or so. If the 2 hours minimum is not enough, the company charges by half-hour increments. This is needed to maintain a reliable and professional service.

Why not hire a van and do it myself?

Well, You could always do that, providing you do not have a lot of items to move and you would not need any help, but you still have to think well in advance about this option as there are a lot of things to consider like for example, you will need to go to the pickup place, then fill in all those forms and present all those proofs that you can drive and you are insured or pay for insurance, pay a hefty deposit and return it when you have finished. In case of accidental damage or even a scratch though, please, consider your deposit lost, and even if nothing like this happens to you, consider driving in an unfamiliar London traffic and hope for the best!

It needs careful consideration as well how to carry out your move alone, or even with the help of your friends if they turn up??, compared to relying on experienced movers to do it for you while you are relaxing with a coffee or beer in hand. By talking to our customers who have done it in the past, we know that hiring is always cheaper at the end and there’s no real advantage of doing it yourself.

Man And Van Removals takes hard work and requires determination and stamina, so doing it responsibly with the correct insurance, well-maintained vans, reliable and motivated movers is the way forward according to us – A Man With a Van London.

When all of the above is considered, we know that the man and van service and prices in London are very good value for money, and as affordable as they are, it is the better option than using the large removal companies. You just need to make sure you go with a professional one. You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day

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Which is Better – A London Man & Van or A Big Removals Company?

Which is Better – A London Man & Van or A Big Removals Company?

Once in a while and nowadays more often than not, people with significant financial capability decide to move from huge houses or even from 5-6 bedroom houses to smaller. In other cases to even larger properties from/to an affluent area and this step usually involves a hard to choose whether to hire a larger or a smaller removal service to make a move for them. Let’s findout which is better a london man van or a big removals company.

And as options are many, unlike in the past, when the obvious route was to hire a larger removals company, today the market is more open, and it is easy to book a smaller company who can carry the packing, removal, and unpacking faster, more reliable and a lot cheaper.

Now that you’ve decided to move from your 5-6 bedroom house or less, you can get quotes from our reliable Man & Van London Removers.

In the current market man and van moving companies are plenty and everyone is trying to survive and attract more and more customers each day by offering deals or flash sales as we all rely on quick turnover of jobs as our prices are per hour and thus require a careful and effective resolution to the moving need but ensuring it will be done right and fast.

Our ten years of experience shows that it all usually works fine, but maybe on some occasions, it will be still better to call in the Big Brother?

London Man & Van Removals

Unlike the name suggests, although it was right in the past, nowadays man and the van do not mean a man operating a single vehicle, but as the business required expansion, most man and van companies are now running a fleet of 5-6 to 10-12 Luton and Transit type size vans.

A man with a van company can accept jobs booked well in advance as well as in an emergency usually the same day or within an hour even and our charges are affordable and our service always impeccable. If reputable, the companies offer packing services and in cases like ours even unpacking service involving a team of 2 ladies, but 90% of jobs are customers packing their belongings and man and the van just moving it.

It is every prospective customer’s duty to check online for the reliability of the company they would like to ahead with, and whether they are fully insured and what T&C do they have

It is our duty to warn you that although there are quite a few reputable companies in London, at the same beat, there are many even positioned on page 1 of Google who proclaims cheap packers and movers London but will end up a lot more unreliable, expensive and will get you in unnecessary problems and will waste your time and money. So, do your research, call them, e-mail them and judge them by their professionalism.

An Established removal company

which is better a london man van or a big removals company

It is, however, a completely different ball game when large size Removal companies are concerned. Understandably those type of companies are concentrated on the more complex and requiring big teams of people and longer time to perform cheap removals jobs and although recently some began to offer small man and van services to accommodate the higher demand for a quicker and cheaper service themselves, they are used to work in a different environment with different speed.

We had witnessed ourselves in the past the rhythm of work of their employees and can testify of regular tea breaks and a sense of no urgency of their operatives when they contracted for London house removals.

And although we’re not putting their reputation under scrutiny and trying to belittle their efforts and although it is different in the eye of every beholder, it will most certainly reflect in the end bill for the service depending of course of the size of the property and amount of stuff to be moved.

Very important in London in particular of course and it was our priority when we were choosing our vans, is that London streets are very narrow in a lot of cases and how are those big lorries going in and parking is beyond us, and we think it creates additional headache for house owners who want to move with them.

Big removal service

A Big Removal Service provider is supposed to charge more as they presumably offer “better” service, will possess lifting equipment to cover virtually any scenario, and in an unhurried manner will work tirelessly to complete a job in a right way even if it means very frequently it takes a day to finish it.

Now, as a positive, most Large Moving Companies are members of BAR (British Association of Removers) and agree to abide by their code of practice which does provide customers with a number of safeguards.


For the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small move customers in London booking a reputable London Man & Van Movers will make them happy and content. Yes, Absolutely. Why? Because it will cost them next to nothing and it will do speedily and effectively.

For more significant than a five-bedroom home, especially if high-value paintings or old and valuable furniture are involved and you will need higher insurance cover or a specialist one or if a fixed price is preferred, then feel free to trust one of the big established removal companies.

Have an Amazing Moving!

Here at A Man with a Van London, we’ve been providing removals in London since 2008. We are a very compatible team of reliable and experienced movers who have been moving thousands ( more than 15000 ) of Londoners for a long time and won’t let you down. You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day

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Office moves: A quick guide

Office moves: A quick guide

Whether you run a big corporation or a small family business, office moves can be a logistical nightmare. The good news is that by working with office moves a quick guide, you can ensure that everything will run without a hitch.If you’re in the early stages of planning your office, here are some key factors to take into consideration:

How to get started

The first port of call for most business is to keep costs low. Good removal companies don’t have to cost the earth. At the same time, it’s important that you never compromise on outstanding service. You should engage with your moving company as a matter of priority. That way you can start a dialogue, and receive a special quote that is fair and transparent. Look out for sneaky hidden Prices, such as extortionate parking charges. Learn more about how to get the best deal.

“Best-laid plans”

The most important step is to contact your compnay and arranging a moving date and budget.The saying may go, “even the best-laid plans can go wrong”, but when it comes to office moves that couldn’t be further from the truth. Make sure that your staff are ready and motivated for the big day. Creating a key project team and delegating roles and responsibilities effectively will save you time and hassle. Keep channels of communication open so that everyone knows exactly what they’re doing at any given time. And remember! Your staff may even be able to give insightful opinions on how your new office should be configured to achieve the best possible working environment.Enjoy the stress-free experience offered by the most professional and reliable Cheap removals at the best rates.It is overall beneficial and economical to London packing services  for quality moving and packing services in a budget.

Some companies are always busy. This is because they must have a lot of other work on, so they are not relying on your booking to fill their diary, and also because it is harder for them to organize things at short notice. Booking a Moving Company is not like booking a Taxi!

Notify your networks

It’s a good idea to begin notifying your colleagues, business partners, clients and the general public of your move as soon as possible. A move offers an exciting and fresh start for your business so let the world know about it! Easy ways to get this done in a jiffy is to issue an email circular or newsletter, make a statement on your website and social media and even physically at your current offices. For some companies, organizing a soft launch of your new offices can be great for your professional networking.

Good luck with your office move. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to A Man With A Van London .We’re available 24/7 every day of the week so you can reach us in case of any issues.You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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How to get ready for moving day

How to get ready for moving day

Moving is finally upon you and the butterflies have started in your stomach. How to get ready for moving day?You spent ages preparing but still, you’re not ready. The good news is that this kind of scenario is entirely avoidable! By following just a few simple steps, you can transform your feelings over your move from fear to euphoria. So how do you do it?

Plan early

Ideally, you should start thinking about your move months in advance. The most important step is to contact your compnay. and arranging a moving date and budget. at we always agree on the cost with you in advance, taking into account your individual requirements.  No hidden fees and never any unpleasant surprises! Think about in which rooms you will want your belongings placed in your new home, and mark all your boxes clearly. We also help with London house removals.

The truth is you can’t always plan ahead, and sometimes last-minute moves are inevitable. Even if you need to move overnight – you can always find help Book online Our team is available 24/7, 7 –days a week .

Stay organized

The best advice anyone can give is to stay on top of your move. Don’t worry, I’m not talking spreadsheets and endless calls with your moving team. The key to a smooth move, small or large, is to start planning your packing immediately. Figure out if there are items that can be placed in storage and book that storage space in advance. Notify your bank, utility companies, the local council and health care providers of your move and set up postal forwarding. And most importantly, don’t forget if you have any hiccups along the way! We also help with London single item removals.

Be physically and mentally strong

Even after following all of this advice, you may still feel anxious about your move. In the months, weeks and days leading up to moving day, you should be mindful of relaxing your body and mind. Spend time with your friends and family and help them alleviate your stress. Go for gentle walks or kick it up a gear in the gym. Watch your favorite TV. All of this will help make you happy and settled – just in time for the big day.At A Man With A Van London, we always agree on the cost with you in advance, taking into account your individual requirements. You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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Car Collection And Delivery Service

Car Collection And Delivery Service

Relocation of homes is a big task and involves moving all your household items, your vehicles etc to a new place. It involves lots of planning and diligent packing and moving. So how does one handle relocation of a car, bike and household items together. We provide you some handy tips on car collection and delivery.

1.Choose a professional movers and packers company

The first step is to hire the services of a professional movers and packers. Make sure you do some background checks and take feedback before finalising a relocation company. Do ensure that the company you choose does vehicle relocation as well as home shifting. They need to have the expertise and training of car shifting as well as household items shifting moving company

2.Prepare your vehicle and home-

Another simple home shifting tip to prepare for relocation is to sort your stuff. Before deciding what to hand over to the packing services , decide and make a list of things to relocate. Prepare your household stuff that needs to be moved and segregate the stuff that you wish to discard and not move. Before car relocation prepare the vehicle well, after doing the necessary checks.

Are you looking for car moving tips? If yes, then you have come on the right destination. Here you would get to know about useful car relocation tips. The aim of this portal is provide step-by-step guide below for choosing the trusted and reliable car movers in your city. We will guide you how to recognize the right movers and packers to carry your car from one city country to another. Choosing right car moving company would lead to safe and timely relocation of car.

Car Collection And Delivery Service London


There is resourceful online directory where you would get to know about reputed car movers company in your city. Find at least a dozen of car moving companies and take free quotes. Check for their authorization number and license of the moving companies. Also look for customer reviews of previous customers at online platforms.

Choose enclosed car carrier service

Enclosed car carriers provide better security and safety of your car. They may prove to be 50% expensive than traditional open car carriers. Usually cars are safely transported in open carriers these days. If you have a brand new car or a luxurious car then go for enclosed car carriers. If your car has become comparatively old and not an expensive one then settle for open car carrier.

Ask for car collection and delivery service

Car relocation companies which use auto terminals wait for a number of cars to load and go from one destination to another. It may take a few weeks before they could gather enough loads to fill a truck. If you are looking for fast shipping in quick time frame then don’t hire such companies. However, if time isn’t the main factor for you then terminal companies would prove to be a much cheaper solution to meet your car relocation needs.It is overall beneficial services for quality and packing service for moving house  in a budget.

Relocation is itself a daunting task. You have to make preparations to move all your belongings. While moving all the items in your home is made simple by movers, moving a car is itself a big process. For local moves, you can simply drive the car to the neighborhood.

If you are looking for long distance moves such as international moves, you need to find a company that provides international car shipping service. Buying a new car is expensive and it is wise to bear the expense of transporting your car using movers. Even though auto transport also costs a lot of money, you can drive your same old car in the new location. moving van hire London costs.

car collection and delivery

If you have a car, you have to start looking for moving companies that provide auto transport service as well. Sometimes, the movers may refer to other auto trucking companies that can handle moving of your car. You should take more care to choose auto trucking and shipping company because your car is one of the costliest items you have got. If you have got vintage or classic cars, you must ensure that the auto transport company has the necessary equipments to ship your car without causing any damage to the car.

We also help with A Man With A Van London If you have washed your car using professional service, it will be better to inspect the car. After inspection, the moving companies require you to sign the bill of lading. You can also appoint an agent on your behalf to do the inspection. Complete inspection of the car must be done at the destination as well and any discrepancy must be signed by the truck driver. You should pay fully for the move and only after that, you can claim for damages using the bill of lading. We’re available 24/7 every day of the week so you can reach us in case of any issues.You can contact us to make a booking at any time of the day.

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