Boxes, boxes and more boxes along with stuff, stuff and more stuff can become daunting to pack. It can become even more daunting to unpack if you don’t know what you put in each box. Simply finding pyjamas to sleep in on that first night could be a nightmare. However, as you’re packing, you can make your unpacking a bit easier and your first night in your new home more like a dream. Here are 5 ways to make your first night in your new home as seamless as possible and organise your boxes well:

Organisation is key for moving home

  1. Label each box. As you pack, you can use a marker to label the top or sides of the box with everything that you put in it. Make certain you label each box in the same place. Furthermore, you may want to use waterproof marker or even labels from your home printer so you truly know where that box goes and what’s inside.
  2. Buy coloured tape or stickers and use them on your boxes. Choose one colour for each room in your house. Then, place the corresponding colour on the boxes from that room. For example, you might choose yellow for your kitchen and green for your living room. When you are packing boxes of kitchen items, you would place a yellow sticker or yellow tape on that box indicating that it goes to your kitchen in your new home. Likewise, as you pack boxes of living room items, you would place a green sticker or green tape on those boxes so that you know they belong in your new living room.
  3. Is the box full of essential items or non-essential items? As you pack each box, ask yourself this question. If there are things in the box that you will need to have within the first few days, then write in big letters on the top of the box “ESSENTIAL”, however, if the items you are placing in the box can wait a bit to be unpacked, then write in big letters on the top of the box, “NON-ESSENTIAL”.
  4. Coordinate notecards to your boxes. As you pack each box, give it a number. Make sure that you write the number on the top and all sides of the box. On the notecard write down the number of the box and everything you placed into the box. Then put your notecards together on a ring so that when you get to your new home, you can refer to your notecards to find your pyjamas, plates, or whatever else you are looking for. Once you find the notecard, you can look for the corresponding box.
  5. Coordinate a binder to your boxes. This is similar to using the notecards. The only difference is that you are compiling your information on paper and placing it into your binder instead of on notecards.

Don’t let confusion reign on moving day. Instead, come up with a system that’s going to work for you so you can find what you need once you get inside your new home or flat.

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