Packing your belongings in preparation for a move can be tricky, especially if packing is not something you do on a regular basis. There is hope, though, to help you pack in such a way to keep your stuff safe for the ride from your old place to your new home or flat in the moving truck. Take a peek.

How to Pack a Book Box

The items that you can pack into book boxes include books, desk supplies, photos, files, CDs, DVDs, tools, canned goods, spices, silverware, small lampshades, and non-hazardous cleaners and liquids. Before placing anything in these boxes, make sure that they are taped well on the bottom. Then, stuff the bottom of the box with loosely wadded paper. Once the box is full, fill the top with loosely wadded paper also. The top and bottom of the box should be firm, so that it doesn’t cave in. Books, files, and DVDs should be packed vertically and with the spine down. Also, fragile items, like picture frames, should be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap before they go into the box.

How to Pack a Dish Box: Items that can be included in dish boxes include electronics, lamp bases, vases, plates, glasses, bowls, stemware, cups and small appliances. The number one piece of advice when packing a dish box is to use packing paper liberally. There is truly no such thing as using too much packing paper in dish boxes. The reason that you need to use so much packing paper is for protection of your belongings. So, the more paper you use, the more protection your things have. Fill the bottom of the box first with loosely wadded packing paper. Then, wrap every item you place in the box in packing paper and place the items in rows. The heavier the item, the lower it should be. So your heavier items should be at the bottom of the box and your lighter items at the top. Then, put in some more loosely wadded paper at the top of the box before taping it shut.

How to Pack a Wardrobe Box: The wardrobe box can hold hanging clothes, pillows, wrapping paper rolls, garage tools, and artificial plants. When packing hanging clothes into the wardrobe box, start by placing a couple of pillows in the bottom to save on space. Then simply move clothes from your closet to the box. For other items, such as plants, shovels, rakes, or wrapping paper rolls, just make sure that they are packed securely inside, so that there is little to no movement inside the box during transportation from your old home to your new home.

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